* We are both baby Students with excellent grades and Students with poor grades,
* so I write some code to show my love to you.
Boy i = new Boy("二七");
Girl u = new Girl("三九");
// December 28, 2015, I told you I love you.
// but..., what you said that meaning we are still good friends.
// Since then, I ask you for the reason.
var reason=i.ask(u);
// you say we were not understand enough for each other .
// You say that it is too quickily to turn our relation of lover.
// And take care of u and our love.
// So I keep waiting and I have confidence that you will.
boolean isAccept = false;
while (isAccept) {
// I think it is an important decision
// and you should forgot the unhappy things that happended before.
isAccept = u.thinkOver();
// After a please sound of accept, we will live happily ever after.
三九, I will have fallen in love with you for click me if accept me
Love u forever and ever.
- 二七